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Benefits aren’t just ‘part’ of our kitbag; it’s the entirety of our business. Whether we are writing code, installing Darwin™, or advising on great scheme design and benefits communications, Thomsons people want all of our clients to have an exceptional experience. In a nutshell we invest in your success and want you and your employees to love and experience the power of Darwin as much as we do.

Our success stories

Aspen Insurance UK

Discover how our client, Aspen Insurance UK, overhauled their benefits offering to provide a more flexible solution that colleagues could better engage with.

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Read how Arm used global benefits technology to offer their colleagues an unrivalled work-life balance.

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CNH Industrial

Discover how Thomsons worked with CNH Industrial to undertake a pension switch and transfer, communicating the pension changes effectively so their employees fully understood and appreciated them.

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Discover how Simplyhealth partnered with Thomsons to completely overhaul their benefits to create a market-leading proposition.

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Live Nation Entertainment

Find out how Live Nation Entertainment partnered with Thomsons to completely transform their LiveWell strategy to make huge improvements to their employees’ overall health and wellbeing.

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OVO Energy

Discover how OVO Energy partnered with Thomsons to implement an innovative financial wellness offering that was the perfect match for their employees, resulting in increased engagement with their finances.

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Discover how Sage revitalised their benefits brand and unified their workforce around their ‘One Sage’ business vision.

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Discover how pharmaceutical innovators Mundipharma partnered with Thomsons to transform their benefits programme to be as flexible as their employees are.

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Meet some of our team

We love getting to know our clients. And we love it when you get to know us too. Here are a few Thomsons people who are happy to give you a head start! If you want to meet more of us, you are more than welcome to come along to one of our offices and meet us in person!

James Akers
Director of Product Management

To put it simply, my role is to help shape the evolution of Darwin. To do this, it’s important that I understand customers’ reward schemes and needs. The global reach of Darwin and the possibilities it brings to streamlining reward schemes at a local and global level is something that makes coming to work every day exciting. With Darwin our clients are easily able to get analytics that bring transparency to benefit costs whilst measuring engagement and return on investment.

Andreea Bindea
Helpdesk Team Lead

I am a team leader in the Helpdesk team. We are the first point of contact in Thomsons for our client’s employees. We ensure that they have a great experience of Darwin, helping them out whenever they get stuck. Today, employee benefits are such an important part of everyone’s lives and we’re committed to getting it right the first time - all over the world. Speaking 5 languages is a great asset in my line of work, my favorite one is English!

Anindita Biswas
Senior Technical Business Analyst

It’s crucial that I understand the customers’ business needs so I can translate them into technical requirements. I love analysing different employee benefit markets that are in our customers’ roadmaps and empowering them with the insights specific to each market. Three characteristics which make Thomsons unique: 1. Dedication to keeping clients and their satisfaction a top priority 2. Excellent company culture that respects a healthy work-life balance 3. Continuous innovation and a desire to be the best employee benefits software developer

Oana Costea
Delivery Manager

I manage Darwin configuration projects, providing tailored solutions for our customers. Every day is a challenge, whether it’s branding complex campaigns or finding solutions for tricky benefit flows. Organisation and positive thinking are the two qualities that help me deliver on time and at the standard that both Thomsons and our customers expect. The thing I really like about working for Thomsons is having the opportunity to interact with clients and colleagues, all over the world.

Jonathan Day
Director - Enterprise Consulting

I help clients identify their key benefits management and administration challenges, as well as offering approaches to solve them through our technology Darwin. I’ve been very fortunate for the last 6 years to focus on Global solutions and therefore have a broad view of the regional and local differences that make benefit administration such a challenge. I lived in Japan for 3 years and was occasionally paid to sing anything by The Beatles in karaoke bars.

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Our awards

We are delighted to have won more than 100 prestigious awards. These epitomise the strategic impact that using Darwin can have on helping employers deliver more cost effective and engaging benefit programmes. See all our awards