Improve your employees' health and wellbeing

The simple fact is that the world of workplace health continues to become increasingly complex and costly to deliver to. Our health and wellbeing team is focused on achieving better health outcomes for your employees, balancing the traditional approach of insurance with the new world of tech-based wellbeing.  Whatever the right approach may be for you, our experts will help you continually refine your approach to improve absence, productivity and overall wellbeing.

Boost morale and performance with happy and healthy employees

To achieve a step-change in wellbeing without burdening HR, it is vitally important to empower employees to manage their own physical and mental wellbeing. Our consultants will help you identify your organisation’s specific health and wellbeing needs, translating that into a benefits programme that is affordable, relevant and engaging for your people.

Modernising your approach one step at a time

Our health and wellbeing benefits experts begin by reviewing your existing products and services. The team then validates you and your employee’s needs before working closely with you to create a benefits programme that is relevant and appropriate. Once implemented the team regularly monitors the performance of your programme, providing ongoing support and recommending further enhancements if needed.

Using technology for breaking the barriers to engagement

Once you have the strategy and products that fit your goals, we enable it all through our platform, Darwin™. This includes communication campaigns to improve awareness and education, tools and trackers to help people understand and monitor their state of health and the products and services employees want to access. And, because it is online, we help you track engagement to understand the positive impact you are having on workplace wellbeing.

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