Make your benefits count with Darwin™

The #1 benefits management and engagement platform takes automation, access and analysis to a whole new level. With Darwin, you have a system that seamlessly integrates with tools you already use and gives you flexibility, cost and risk control – all from one single platform. And your employees have benefits they can connect with effortlessly at any time, from any device, from anywhere in the world.

Managing benefits has never been easier

Give your employees everything they need to access and personalise their benefits offering. Darwin makes it easier than ever for your employees to select and engage with their benefits, and easier still for you to manage administration, provide benefits across a diverse workforce and create the reports you need.

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Communicate the true value of your total reward

Educate, engage and inspire with a fresh, intuitive approach to your total reward communications. Darwin gives your employees full insight into the value of their reward package in a simple and engaging way. Provide personalised benefits information all in one place with a magazine-style format that is quick and easy to access from any device.

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Give your employees total flexibility

Offering a reimbursements account is a great way to provide your employees choice and true flexibility. Darwin gives your employees the freedom, flexibility and choice to purchase the benefits they want, when they want them. Receipts are easy to upload and store against their benefits claims so a full record and audit trail is always available for tracking and cost control. What’s not to like?

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Improve visibility and results through data-driven insight

Spiralling costs and an increasing pressure to prove a return on your benefits spend means you need analytics you can rely on to help inform your decisions. Darwin centralises your data giving you full visibility of your costs as well as insight into the benefits your employees value the most at a country and global level. There’s no need to pull together disparate reports - simply create your own dashboards at the click of a button. 

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